About The Saturday Program:  

    Cooper Union's Saturday Program is a free art and architecture program for New York City high school students founded in 1968. For more information, visit saturday.cooper.edu.


    The Saturday Program prioritizes students from historically underserved backgrounds with limited access to certain educational opportunities. We especially welcome applications from women and individuals who identify with groups historically excluded from visual arts careers, such as Black, Latino/a, LGBTQ+, and Neurodiverse communities. 

    To be eligible, students must meet one or more of the following criteria: 

    1. Attend a New York City Public High School. 
    2. Attend a school without a comprehensive visual art program. 
    3. Qualify for free school breakfast and/or lunch. 
    4. Come from low- or moderate-income household (See 2024 NYC Area Median Income

    These criteria collectively aim to target students who may face barriers to accessing comprehensive educational opportunities, particularly in the visual arts, due to financial constraints or lack of familial support for higher education. 

    Returning Students:  

    • All students that have been previously accepted into the program are automatically eligible to return for the current program year. Simply fill out the registration form and indicate returning student where prompted.  

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